Future NSU Students

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A Message To The Class of 2020

A Message From Us Concerning COVID-19

We are continuing to explore opportunities to engage with interested students and will roll those out as it is available. We know your high schools and current institutions are not fully operational. Don’t stress about final transcripts. We are going to work with you on this!

You may have seen that message on billboards or advertisements, but it is more than a slogan to us; it is our commitment to you. We exist to help you become who you want to be, who you can be. You will graduate from Northwestern State University prepared for a career, prepared for graduate studies, prepared for life. On the way, you will enjoy a university experience founded on 130 years of tradition, laser focused on your future.

Explore NSU

Explore our campuses, academic programs, and student activities to see everything that makes NSU stand out.

Apply to NSU

From tackling NSU’s online application to taking your ACTs, find out what you need to do to be a NSU Demon.

Tuition & Fees

NSU is committed to working with students and their families to make higher education accessible.

Let’s Get Started

It is time to explore everything NSU has to offer, apply for admissions and scholarships and visit our beautiful campus at your earliest convenience.

Take A Virtual Tour

Join us on September 26, 2020 for our preview day known as NSide View!


Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to offer campus visits until further notice. You can still schedule a video chat to learn more about your program of interest by contacting your area recruiter. Please feel free to check out our virtual campus tour.

We encourage you to stay in contact with your recruiter and explore our website.

Our Admissions? and Financial Aid offices remain accessible at this time. Students can connect with us via email.

Absolutely! Currently, we do not anticipate any interruptions to our Summer 2020 or Fall 2020 semesters. Students can apply here.

At this time, there are no plans to change upcoming orientations. Stay up to date by checking out our Freshman Connection page.

We are encouraging all applicants to submit their transcripts electronically at this time. These can be emailed to applications@nsula.edu.

Ask Recruiting

Meet Our Recruiting Team

Contact your area recruiter for more information and to set up virtual appointments and/or email.

Recruiter Title Email
Cade Stepp Central LA Area Recruiter/AD for Engineering and Technology Steppj@nsula.edu
Kierstin Richter Great Baton Rouge Area Recruiter Richterk@nsula.edu
Kortney Greer Northwest LA Area Recruiter Greerk@nsula.edu
Sarah Kay Whitehead Southwest LA Area Recruiter Whiteheads@nsula.edu
Ashley Fortenberry Greater New Orleans Area Recruiter Fortenberrya@nsula.edu
Maddie Pharis Northwest LA Area Recruiter Pharism@nsula.edu
Kody Patterson Out of State Recruiter Pattersonk@nsula.edu
Forrest Middlebrook AD for Scholars’ College Recruiting Middlebrookf@nsula.edu
Melanie McBride AD for Transfer Recruiting Mcbridem@nsula.edu

If you are not receiving information from NSU and would like to get on our mailing list, please fill out our electronic data-card.

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