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Currently,?communication with the University Registrar’s Office is restricted to email.

All inquiries, requests, and document submissions should be sent to:??

Every effort is being made to maintain timely services during this time, but some restrictions will apply.? Primarily, transmittal of NSU transcripts will be restricted to Electronic PDF through the National Student Clearinghouse.? Please use the link provided under “How to Request a Transcript” below to complete the online request.

We will continue to monitor the severity of the pandemic and follow the advice of state and federal public officials to determine when on-campus services may be resumed.

The Registrar ensures the integrity, accuracy, and security of all academic records of current and former students; facilitate effective student registration and enrollment; builds secure student data files and sets policy and procedure for their responsible use; maintains up-to-date course schedules, catalogs, final examination schedules; manages efficient use of classrooms; and supervises and maintains the Banner and degree audit systems.

The Registrar supervises the processes for the articulation of transfer credits, graduation and certification of baccalaureate and associate degrees, enrollment and degree verification, production of official transcripts, diplomas, and commencement ceremonies. The Registrar counsels and advises students, faculty, and staff on academic matters; and interprets and enforces policies and regulations of the University, Boards of Regents and Supervisors, and FERPA.

Click here for a complete listing of NSU’s Articulation and Partnership Agreements.

Official Transcripts
Students may order an official academic transcript by accessing the online-transcript-ordering system through the secure website, National Student Clearinghouse. This process is very efficient and easy to use. If a student has any financial obligations to the university, the balance must be paid in full before an official transcript can be issued.

Note: A transcript sent to the student is considered unofficial.

View Status of Transcript Request(s)
Access NSUConnect via myNSU at Enter your user name and password to enter myNSU. Select “Grades and Transcripts”, and then click on “View Status of Transcript Requests” to check the status of your request.

Unofficial Transcripts
Students may obtain an unofficial transcript by accessing NSUConnect via myNSU at Enter your user name and password to enter myNSU. Click on “Grades and Transcripts” and then click on “View my Transcript” to view or print a copy of your transcript.

Direct Access to NSUConnect

Need to Register for Classes?

Registering for classes has never been easier. Logon to myNSU and click the Registration link found on the QuickLinks Menu.

Contact Us

Office of the Registrar
306 Sam Sibley Drive
Student Services Center, Suite 308
Natchitoches, LA 71497
Phone: 318.357.6171
Toll-Free: 800.807.8849
FAX: 318.357.5823

Our Staff

Barbara Prescott
University RegistrarAcademic Services and Veterans Affairs

Kammese Shelton
Director of Academic Services

Marisa Kelly
University Records Analyst Coordinator

Gwendolyn Tucker-Meshell
University Records Analyst Coordinator

Student Academic Services and Transcript Evaluations

Charlotte Grayson
Assistant to the Registrar for Student Academic Services

Kayla Dunagan
University Records Analyst Coordinator

Brandi McManus
University Records Analyst Coordinator

Le’Kisha Morris
University Records Analyst Coordinator?

Records and Transcript Production

Yvette Williams
Associate Registrar for Records

Jana Armour
University Records Analyst Coordinator

Kristie Hilton
University Records Analyst Coordinator

Tamila Reliford
University Records Analyst Coordinator

Registration & Graduation

Brenda F. Milner
Assistant Registrar for Registration and Graduation

Taquita Bell
Technology Solutions Specialist

Daphne Delphin
University Records Analyst Coordinator

Shadana Reliford-Palmer
University Records Analyst Coordinator

Jermaine Robinson
University Records Analyst Coordinator

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