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The Student Accounting & Cashiering Office is the central billing and collection point for Northwestern State University, and is responsible for managing the university billing, collecting, and cashiering functions.

Attention: In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, most NSU employees are working remotely. We remain committed to serving our students, parents, faculty, staff and vendors.

While we cannot accept payments at the Cashier’s window, we are still accepting payments online through your myNSU account, and you may still mail payments as you did before.

If you have any questions, we have representatives available to answer inquiries as quickly as possible. While we will be monitoring phone calls, the best way to reach us is through email at

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and appreciate your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times.

Payment Options

Northwestern State University offers several options and methods of payments:

On-line: Online payments can be made with 24/7 available access. Students may login to myNSU and make an online payment by clicking pay my bill. The online system accepts E-check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Students may also provide their parents with a parent pin:

  • Log into myNSU and click pay my bill
  • Click pay my bill online now, and in the parent pin section click – Add New, and complete the form.
  • Parents will be sent an email with login information and password, allowing them to log into CASHNet and make online payments on the students behalf.

Foreign Payments: Flywire is a website that allows students to use foreign credit cards, sites like Paypal, and bank wires and transfers to make payments to Northwestern State University. It is a safe site that is available 24/7, with a help desk that assists customers in many different languages. Once the student makes a payment, it notifies NSU and the payment can be posted to the student’s account. To make an international payment please visit

Mail: Check, money order and credit card payment authorizations (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover) can be mailed to Northwestern State University, NSU Box 5669, Natchitoches LA 71497. Please, no cash payments! Please include the remittance stub from your bill statement and/or include your name and campus wide identification number with your payment to ensure timely posting of your payment.

In-Person: Check, money order, credit/debit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover) and cash payments can be made in person at the Cashier’s Window located on the 3rd floor of the Jimmy D. Long Student Services Building. The Cashier’s Window hours of operation are Monday-Thursday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, and Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Important: The University does not accept credit card payments over the telephone. All credit card payments must be made online, in person or mailed with a signed authorization using the bill statement remittance stub or the credit card authorization form.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a pre-registered student, you will receive a bill in the mail for the future term of enrollment. Also, as of the same date as the bill, you can view your on-line account for the future term using myNSU. The balance due for this future term will not be owed until the first week of classes for that term. However, please understand that this amount will only be an estimate. There are many changes that could occur on your account between the pre-bill date and the beginning of the semester which include, but are not limited to, adding a new course (which can also result in additional lab fees and technology fees), changes in housing/meal plans, credit exam fees, installment plan or late payment charges, bookstore charges, parking permits, traffic fines, library fines, and lost ID charges. Also, as stated in the online “Schedule of Classes” publications on the Registrar’s website, fees are subject to change without notice.
Lab fee descriptions generally reflect the department who is responsible for the charge; however, in some circumstances it may appear different (for example: Fine Arts – FA 1040 lab fee will be listed as Lab Fee-Music because the Music Department is responsible for the Fine Arts course). The main purpose of lab fees is to allow departments to provide necessary standard services and supplies to students enrolled in specific courses. Among these costs are tutors, computer access, books, and special course supplies. If you have been enrolled in a course in error or need additional information regarding a lab fee, please contact the department responsible for assessing the lab fee.
Student association fees are student self-assessed fees mandated by the student body. All students regardless of whether their courses are being taught (including internet courses), pay part-time or full-time student associations fees depending on the total hours of enrollment at each campus. The activities provided by these various student organizations are available to all students who have been charged. If you have any questions or need further information about these fees, please contact the Student Activities Office.
Students who have not been charged student association fees may still sign up to use the WRAC facility at the student per-semester rate. Students must go by the WRAC facility to sign up and have their accounts assessed the student WRAC fee for the current term. Students will be billed for the charge on the next University bill cycle.
This is a non-refundable charge per University Policy. If you have questions or need any further information about this charge, please contact the Health Services Office.
These charges are assessed by the Watson Library and are based on documented book delinquency or losses as well as late/damaged computer rental charges linked to your student ID. Your bill and on-line account will display fines, the date the fine was assessed to your account and the amount owed. If you have questions regarding why the fine/s were assessed to your account please contact the Watson Library.
NSU only assesses parking permit charges at a student’s request. If you feel that you were assessed in error or if you never picked up the permit for which you were assessed, please contact University Police. They will be able to verify this information and if applicable, make the appropriate adjustments to your account.
Parking Permits can be obtained any time at the University Police Station. The University Police will charge to your account the amount for the parking permit(s) and you will be billed for the charge in the University’s next billing cycle.
These Charges are assessed by the University Police and are based on ticket documents issued to your registered vehicle. Your bill and on-line account will display parking/traffic fines, the date the fine was assessed to your account and the amount owed. If you have questions regarding why the fine/s were assessed to your account or how to appeal traffic fines, please contact the University Police.
You will be notified of the committee’s decision. You can view your student account balance and detail using the myNSU to see if the charges have been removed off of your account since being billed. If the charges/amounts have not been reversed off of your account, please contact the One Card Office to discuss the status of your appeal.
You can view your student account balance and detail using your myNSU account to see if the charges have been removed off of your account since being billed. If the charges/amounts have not been reversed off of your account, please contact the One Card Office to discuss the status of your appeal.
Any student who has been billed and does not pay the “Account Balance” in full by the last day of the first week of classes will automatically be assigned the Installment Plan and is assessed an $85 per semester NON-REFUNDABLE Installment Plan Charge.

  • Direct Deposit

  • Student Bill Statement

  • Perkins Loan Repayment

  • Installment Plans

  • 1098-T

Tuition & Fees

Northwestern State University – Tuition and Fees Schedule

Registered students are assessed tuition and fees based on a variety of factors. The following criteria are used to determine the amount of tuition and fees?a Northwestern State University student is assessed each semester:

  • Level (Undergraduate or Graduate)
  • Campus (The campus where the majority of your classes are held?)
  • Credit hours enrolled

Spring 2020 Tuition and Fee Schedules

Fall 2019 Tuition and Fee Schedules

Contact Us

Northwestern State University Student Accounting & Cashiering Office is located on the 3rd Floor of the Jimmy Long Student Services Building.

Office Hours:

Student Accounting and Cashiering hours:
Monday – Thursday 8:00-4:30
Friday 8:00-12:00

NSU Departmental Cashiering hours:
Monday – Thursday 8:00-3:00
Friday 8:00-10:30

Mailing Address:

NSU Box 5669
Natchitoches LA 71497

Phone: 318-357-5447
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